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Be More. Do More

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Coach Ramer

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

American Football Player

A Record of Excellence...

Coach Ramer has a proven track record of success that is based on a simple premise – they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. As an educational leader, both on and off the field, Coach Ramer has distinguished himself as a great leader who cares deeply about every person he works with. You will leave a Coach
Ramer led program and feel like you can accomplish your goals as he will help you not be afraid to fail, which is vital to any success.

Your athletic journey starts with great leadership and you have found the place to grow in all facets of your life. Coach Ramer always strives to make each person feel special because he will meet your child where they are and help them reach their fullest potential as a person, student, and athlete.

Coach Ramer has been a coach since 2001 after he finished an All-American playing career at the college level, while also being a Dean’s List Scholar.  


He played professionally, both in the AFL2 and CIFL, and while these are all great accomplishments, he would argue making a difference in the life of a young person is his greatest achievement.

Coach Ramer has been a Coach of the Year 4 times while also holding numerous other records at his previous schools in Florida, New York, and New Jersey.

He looks forward to doing great things with your child because he has a burning desire to be the very best he can be for all! You will look back at this moment and time and be thankful you joined this organization, and your child will feel like they can do anything that they put their mind to. 

Total Game Sports – Be More. Do More!

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