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Jim Stone.jpeg

Jim Stone:

Former UNC Baseball Player

His relentless work ethic, passion, and great desire to achieve are all integral to his ability to positively influence the development of student-athletes.


Darnell Stapleton: 

Former Pittsburgh Steeler and Super Bowl Champion

Being someone who has played at both the collegiate and professional levels, I have seen first-hand and played under some of the greatest coaches this game has to offer, and I can honestly say that Lance has a lot of qualities in common with many of these coaches.


Josh Cooper:
Former Furman University Football Player, World Champion BBQ Pitmaster

I believe football is much bigger than playing a game.  It teaches our kids how to overcome adversity, how to persevere, how to work harder to achieve our goals, and how to work with others.  It teaches life lessons.  Coach Ramer gets it and nobody teaches those life lessons better.  Not only has he changed the culture of the football program at Maclay, he's done it the right way.  He truly believes in getting the best out of his players, building them up and they all over perform their abilities for him and the team.  

Kent Kildahl.jpeg

Kent J. Kildahl:
Former Head of Upper School, Riverdale Country School, New York, NY

In the years I knew and worked with Coach and Teacher Lance Ramer, Lance brought the two skills of teaching and coaching "right together".  Lance is the consummate coach.  Lance knows how to set high expectations and create a culture of inclusion and extra-effort for a team of young people who can only achieve more if they do it together.  Great coaches make groups of people more effective and successful because they teach a lesson of "less me, more we." That is the Lance Ramer approach.   I am a big fan and admirer of Lance Ramer.  He's someone worth putting your trust in. 


Jake von Scherer: 
Former Athletic Director, Maclay School

Lance Ramer is a "Winner!"  At Maclay he took over a team on "Life Support" and in a short time had put them into the State Playoffs with an undefeated record!  He did this by meeting with students, parents, and teachers and by preaching the values of Football and Family, Hard Work-Have Fun, and Win in the Classroom!.  Lance carries this same kind of "Winner's Attitude" into everything he does in our school, our community, and the Profession.  Lance is also a dynamic speaker with a motivational message that hits the mark with students, parents, coaches, and administrators!  

Eric Grant.jpeg

Eric Grant:

President/CEO Municode, U.S. Marine, and Parent to Former Player

When someone says that it’s impossible for one person to change a school, I say that they haven’t met Coach Ramer. Lance is a game changer. He gets the big picture. He knows what it takes to build a successful program. He knows how to change the culture of a team, an Administration, the Boosters and a school. Fundamentally, Lance knows what it takes to build young men of character.

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